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June 23 & 24 Auditions for

“Doublewide, Texas”

Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten

Directed by Kelliey Chavez

 Run Dates: August 24-26, 30-September 2, & 6-8, 2018

Auditions June 23 & 24 @ 2pm

Rated Family Friendly

In this hilarious, fast-paced comedy, the inhabitants of one of the smallest trailer parks in Texas—four doublewides and a shed—are thrown for a loop when they realize the nearby town of Tugaloo is determined to annex them.

“…where life is double the fun, double the joy, and where audiences double over with laughter!”

The inhabitants of one of the smallest trailer parks in Texas—four doublewides and a shed—are thrown for a loop when they realize the nearby town of Tugaloo is determined to annex them. It’s not as if they don’t already have enough to deal with! But these friends, enemies, and neighbors realize they’ll have to work together to defeat the encroaching annexation if they—and their way of life— have a snowball’s chance to survive being swallowed up by “the big guys.” The rollicking mayhem of this flat-out funny Jones/Hope/Wooten comedy escalates as the residents attempt to secede from Texas, discover a traitor in their midst, and turn the tables in a surprising and side-splitting finale.

BIG ETHEL SATTERWHITE, (50-60’s) Female – No nonsense, ball-busting geriatric nurse at the Stairway to Heaven Retirement Village. Fed up with her mule-headed husband.

GEORGIA DEAN RUDD, (30’s-50’s) Female – Runs the local diner. Gregarious. Ball of fire. Natural comedic timing.

LARK BARKEN, (late teens to 20’s Female) – New to town. Like a lost puppy, needs a home.

NORWAYNE “BABY” CRUMPLER, (30’s-40’s) Male, Enthusiastic ‘good-ole-boy.’ Not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed.

HAYWOOD SLOGGETT, (60’s–70’s) Male – Elderly, cranky neighbor. Has secrets.

JOVEETA CRUMPLER, (30’s-40’s) Female – Educated business professional. Vivacious daughter of Caprice, sister of “Baby.”

CAPRICE CRUMPLER, (Late 50’s-70’s) Female – Joveeta & Baby’s mama. Real partier. Acts half her age.

LOMAX TANNER, (30’s-40’s) Male – Slick new City Manager. Got job Joveeta should have had. Has secrets. Not to be trusted.

STARLA PUDNEY, (30-40’s) Female – The Mayor’s high-maintenance wife. Stylish. Cameo Role only.

This is a very broad comedy with over-the-top characters. The ages listed for most of these characters are approximations and not set in stone, except as follows… Lark Barken must be significantly younger than the others. Haywood Sloggett’s age must be as shown, and Caprice must at least be old enough to be Joveeta and “Baby’s” mother.

Casting will be based on talent and compatibility. MEN auditioning for Norwayne: be aware that “Baby” spends much of the show in various stages and styles of women’s clothing. There is no compromise on that point. Also, you will need strong ankles for walking in heels (at least part of the time).



Opening July 13th

“A Nice Family Gathering”

A comedy by Phil Olson

Directed by Lance Taylor.

Run dates: 7/13, 7/14, 7/15, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21, 7/22, 7/26, 7/27, 7/28, 2018

A hilarious story about a man who loved his wife so much, he almost told her. It’s the first family gathering at the Lundeen household since the Patriarch died. Dad comes back as a ghost with a mission; to tell his wife he loved her, something he neglected to tell her while he was alive. After all, they were only married for 41 years. The problem is, she can’t hear or see him. The trouble begins when Mom invites a date for dinner.

“Hilarious and touching!” – LA Weekly

Rating:  Mild adult Themes.

Dad – Blair Jaynes
Mom – Judi Radek
Michael – Layne Taylor
Carl – John Ode
Stacy – Lyric Bowman
Jill – Deanna Hamilton
Jerry – George Moses



season`masque awards

Join Stage Coach Theatre

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Everyone is invited. Come mingle with your favorite theater folk.

Besides doubling as our annual Membership meeting, it is also where we present our Awards.

Rub elbows with next year’s directors and last year’s actors!!!

Date: August 11th

Place: Cassia Park

Time: 3pm until the sun goes down.

Bring your own main dish plus a side dish to share.

The theater provides plates, utensils, beverages and condiments.


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SCT is Excited to Announce

Season 38!



1. Doublewide, Texas ( A southern-fried comedy)- Directed by Kelliey Chavez – August 24 – Sept. 8, 2018

2. Rocky Horror (the iconic musical) – Directed by Todd King –Oct. 5 – Oct. 27, 2018

3. A Nice Family Christmas ( a family holiday comedy)– Directed by Don Walker- Nov. 23 – Dec. 15, 2018

4. Comedy of Tenors (the sequel to Lend Me a Tenor!) – Directed by Curtis Ransom – Jan. 11 – Feb 2, 2019

5. Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (a heart-warming comedy) – Directed by Greg Culet – March 1 – March 16, 2019

6. Playing Bridge (a comedy direct from Broadway) – Directed by Becky Kimsey – April 12 – April 27, 2019

7. Legally Blonde (the Broadway hit musical) – Directed by Steven Santos – May 24 – June 15, 2019

8. Boeing Boeing (a 1960’s film comedy) – Directed by Christy Foster – July 12 – July 27, 2019



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