Strategic Plan

Approved April 11, 2023. All other versions are superseded.

Stage Coach Theatre (SCT) has been an established member of the Treasure Valley theater community for 42 years. Our venue provides a balance of intimacy and capability for shows large and small, and our patron experience and quality of programming is ever improving and evolving.

Over the past 12 years, under the guidance of the previous Strategic Plan, SCT has seen a steady increase in audience occupancy and subsequent financial stability that has enabled the organization to obtain a permanent home on Emerald Street. This Strategic Plan is intended to pick up where the previous plan left off, to further embed SCT as a community nonprofit arts organization of the highest quality and entertainment value.

Mission: SCT is dedicated to community enrichment through quality theatrical productions in an intimate setting that engage, inspire, challenge, and entertain our audiences and local talent.

Strategic Goals:

Organizational Stewardship

Stage Coach Theatre’s Board and Executive Committee will draw on a shared understanding of the theatre’s history and evolution to conceive, develop and support a staffing model that is consistent with the organization’s vision and assures its stability and vitality.


  • Develop a staffing model that supports the organization and its goals that is proficient in leading the theatre through the challenges of a highly competitive industry as a non-profit performing arts venue
  • Assess and modernize bylaws, including Board structure and function, and develop executive leadership to successfully shepherd the organization
  • Develop a comprehensive succession plan that details a smooth transition for leadership positions
  • Develop a recruitment model that promotes the sustainability of the established organizational structure
  • Maintain and foster the large cadre of volunteers who are vital to the future of the organization
Community Building and Culture

Stage Coach Theatre will further establish the image of the theatre as a sought-after place to work, perform, volunteer, contribute and gather for arts and entertainment opportunities.


  • Reinvigorate and promote engagement of SCT Members through the evaluation and enhancement of membership structure and benefits
  • Create a culture of transparency and communication throughout the institution that encourages volunteer commitment and engagement
  • Actively inform and engage SCT Members in the implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Develop mutually beneficial collaborations among schools, community partners and cultural institutions
  • Provide support, systems, and oversight to provide effective structure and positive creative experiences for the actors, directors, and creative teams involved in productions
  • Encourage the engagement of new playwrights and directors to keep the artistic vision of the theater fresh and innovative
Patron Engagement and Publicity

Stage Coach Theatre will improve our patron awareness, visibility, engagement, and experience to build SCT’s reputation as a quality, entertaining, and affordable performing arts organization.


  • Utilize all available tools and resources to maximize awareness and visibility of SCT and our programmatic offerings
  • Improve patron engagement through an emphasis on quality social media content creation
  • Provide exceptional and value-added patron experiences
  • Enhance the in-person experience of attending and make SCT a destination for an evening out
  • Create programs to reward repeat attendance and loyalty
  • Create and utilize an updated branding standard
Financial Strength and Sustainability

Stage Coach Theatre will improve financial planning and reporting while pursuing diverse revenue streams and a broad base of support to further our activities.


  • Develop an annual budget that identifies targets for each revenue category.
  • Improve our financial reporting and practices, and enhance our capacity to project financial performance, analyze financial data, control costs, and perform risk management
  • Maximize earned income opportunities through increased season subscription and occupancy rates
  • Maximize contributed income opportunities through sponsorships, fundraising, and grant writing

Facilities and Technology

Stage Coach Theatre will continue to support our artistic and programmatic goals through the investment in our current infrastructure by addressing maintenance, improvement, preservation, and technological needs.


  • Develop a five-year maintenance/improvement plan for the theatre
  • Assess and address storage and rehearsal space constraints
  • Improve Patron comfort and appeal
  • Assess and address technological needs on an ongoing basis to maximize quality and innovation of theatrical programming