Upcoming Auditions


Written by Ira Levin

Directed by Jeffrey Thomson

Auditions:  March 11 & 12, 2023 at 2pm

Character Breakdown: 

SIDNEY BRUHL – 50’s to 60’s. Impressive. Well-tended. A once successful, now broke, writer of Broadway thrillers with writers block who discovers a sure fire Broadway smash written by one of his students and offers to “collaborate”.

MYRA BRUHL – 45 to 55. Self-effacing spouse of Sydney and reluctant “collaborator”.

CLIFFORD ANDERSON – Mid 20’s to mid 30’s. Sydney’s student with a promising play, willing to make it better with the help of the master.

HELGA TEN DORP – 50’s to 60’s. Psychic from Holland staying next door to the Bruhls. Needs a Dutch accent. 

PORTER MILGRIM – 50’s to 60’s. Sydney’s attorney. Man of substance.

Audition Details: show up prepared to read selected scenes from the play (to be provided at audition).

For further questions, you can contact the director at jat@elamburke.com

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Written by Jeffrey Lane, Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek

Directed by Taylor Vickers

Auditions:  March 18, 2023 from 9am-5pm

Sign up for auditions: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0949A5A622A4FDC43-dirty

Character Breakdown:

The roles are written with specified genders that are listed below. For non-binary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and transgender actors, please audition for the roles you most identify with. Seeking all races and ethnicities for all roles.

LAWRENCE JAMESON: (male, late 40’s-50) The French Riviera’s classiest con man… elegant, erudite, stylish, British, and hugely successful. A charismatic leading man who has it all: classic good looks, gorgeous voice, graceful dance skills, and the acting and comic chops to go from impeccably suave to outrageously silly and keep us charmed the entire time. Tenor

FREDDY BENSON: (male, 25-30’s) The attractive American interloper who crashes Jameson’s heretofore private party. Incredibly ambitious, aggressively loud, hilariously crude, small time con man who relies on street smarts and sob stories to make his pitch. A fearlessly funny young leading man who can pull out all the stops: sing a power ballad, rap like a white boy, pull off outrageous characters and physical comedy. Tenor

CHRISTINE COLGATE: (Female 20’s-30’s) “The American Soap Queen” – The clumsily exuberant, ingratiatingly excited, seemingly innocent heiress from Ohio who becomes the intended victim of Jameson and Freddy’s con. A compelling comic actress with amazing vocal chops. Mezzo Soprano

ANDRE THIBAULT: (Male, 40’s-50) Wry, sophisticated, opinionated, “oh-so French” chief of police. Andre is Lawrence’s right hand man and voice of reason…practical and unflappable until love unexpectedly comes his way. A comic singer with flair and panache, who is also a surprisingly tender song and dance man. Baritone

MURIEL EUBANKS: (Female, early 40’s-50) An extremely wealthy, attractive American …quirky, funny, gullible, and utterly sincere as she willingly succumbs to the thrilling charm of Jameson and later to a surprising and touching romance with Andre. A glamorous comic leading lady with amazing vocal stylings who dances with style and grace.  Alto

JOLENE OAKES: (Female late 20’s-early 30’s) “The Princess of Petroleum” – the luridly wealthy, frequently married, deliciously vulgar Oklahoma oil heiress. A true triple threat – a great dancer who belts out a song with guts and gusto and has the comic chops to make Jolene as funny as she is obnoxious. Alto

ENSEMBLE (20–50) Triple threat dancer/singer/actors to bring the French Riviera to the stage.

This will be a small ensemble (8-10 people). Each person should be able to hold their own harmony part, be an excellent dancer, and be able to change characters quickly. It’ll be fun, I promise! 🙂

Audition Details:

Please prepare a short song (verse and a chorus, not to exceed 1 minute) in the style of the show.

You are welcome to sing from the show as well, but it’s not required.

Really, just sing a song you are most comfortable with!  What we need most is to hear your range and what you can do!


All people called back will be required to attend the dance portion of callbacks.

Anyone called back for a specific role will be asked to read and sing for the part they are called back for (Sides and cuts of music will be made available the week of auditions).

For further questions you can email the director at dirtyrottenteam@gmail.com

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Written by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Jonathan Perry

Auditions:  April 6, 2023 at 10AM

Character Bre​akdown:

NAN CARTER 27, female, pretty and quick, like a deer. She wears something comfortable for a hot day.

KYLE CARTER, 28, male, a big messy boy, like a dumb dirty dog. He wears jeans, t-shirt, camo-jacket.

SWEETHEART/PEACHES/SUPERKYLE, (all of which are the same girl) early 20s, female stripper, dressed as the incredibly hot version of Kyle. She wears whatever Kyle is wearing, but hotter.

SIMON BEAUFORT, 27, pretty and strong and bitchy, like a cat. He wears a red cheerleading outfit…a girl cheerleader’s outfit.

Audition Details: https://sites.google.com/view/exitpursuedbyabear/home