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Lizzie Casting Call

A rock-show retelling of the bloody legend of America’s first and favorite axe-wielding double-murderess and Victorian hometown girl, Lizzie Borden. A musical revenge of a woman wronged by her parents and how she got away with murder.

Audition Date: 7/20 11am-4pm
Callback Date: 7/27 10am-1pm

Location: Stage Coach Theatre lobby – 4802 W Emerald St Boise

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Content warnings for Lizzie are strong language, sexual content, suicide ideation, and violence.

Please prepare a verse and chorus of a song in the style of the show.


Lizzie Borden: (high belt) is damaged, twisted. She can turn on a dime from fragile, broken, meek and obedient to conniving, sinister, furious and terrifying. She is a wounded animal backed into a corner, terrified but enraged. We find her at the moment she realizes she has nothing to lose. She is transformed through an act of unspeakable transgression, turning her own historical infamy into an ascension to legend.
Role will require kisses and intimacy choreography: with the character Alice: “Will You Stay?”, “Will You Lie?”. Intimacy choreography with imaginary Andrew Borden: “Soul of the Whitebird”.

Emma Borden: (alto/mezzo belt) is the older sister, eclipsed by the younger. She must content herself by playing a motherly Lady Macbeth to Lizzie, dripping her own hatreds into Lizzie’s ears over the years, stoking the fires of Lizzie’s rage, disappearing when the deeds must be done, and suffering with guilt afterwards. Emma is a woman who has come to see that every opportunity for happiness has passed her by. She’s furious, but she’s also desperately sad.

Bridget Sullivan aka Maggie: (contralto/low alto) is the Borden’s Irish maid. She may be a Banshee, called to wail at the Borden’s door. She always seems to know what is going to happen, does things one step before anyone else. She’s put upon, angry, and as resentful of the Borden sisters as she is of the parents. Bridget is the Sex Pistols rock and roll nihilist; ready to shake things up because she knows that’s the only way anything is ever going to get better.

Alice Russell: (high mezzo lyric/mix/belt & legit soprano) is the Borden’s next door neighbor. She is a luscious pear, the sensuous mother-sister-lover which is sorely lacking in Lizzie’s life. She appears to Lizzie in her greatest moments of need and attempts to lead her away from a path of destruction and toward one of love, truth, and affection. Lizzie may have true feelings of affection for her, or she may be using Alice’s feelings to build an alibi.
Role will require kisses and Intimacy choreography with the character Lizzie: “Will You Stay?”, “Will You Lie?”

Please note all actors will be required to do intimacy choreography for “This is Not Love”.