Board Member Eligibility, Nominations, and Voting Procedures

  1. Composition:
    • The Stage Coach Board of Directors shall consist of six (6) elected members, three (3) that represent the theater’s creative interests, needs, and identity and three (3) that represent theater’s business and/or professional interests and stability. Every year one (1) Creative Seat and one (1) Business Seat will rotate off and two new seats will be elected.
  2. Seat Definitions:
    • Creative Seat: These are dynamic and visionary individuals from the world of creative theater. This role is specifically designed to bring the unique perspective and expertise of a community theater to our organization’s strategic decision-making processes. The ideal candidate will possess a deep understanding of theater arts, a strong creative vision, and a passion for advancing the performing arts within our community.
    • Business Seat: These are exceptional individuals who have achieved remarkable success in business, education, the professions, and/or public service. This role demands exceptional intellect, a solid educational foundation, and extensive experience to make a significant impact. We are searching for ideal candidates who possesses a robust background in business strategy, financial analysis, and corporate governance. They will provide invaluable insights and expert guidance to our executive team.
      • Important information for those interested in filling the Business Board Seats: Upon acceptance of the Business Seat, the board member will forgo creative participation in all performances at Stage Coach Theatre during the tenure of the board seat. Participation includes but is not limited to: directing, performing, designing, technical support, stage management, or stage crew.
  3. Term Limits:
    • Board Seats will have a term of three (3) years with the option to run for re-election and serve an additional term for a maximum of six (6) years. Interested parties must take one (1) term off before running for election again regardless of the seat description they are running for.
  4. Nominations
    • Prospective Board nominees must submit an application to the organization in advance of the Annual Meeting. Nominations from the floor of the Annual Meeting will no longer be considered for inclusion in the ballot. Nominations are due on the final day of the final day in July preceding the Annual Meeting.
    • Application information will be aggregated and distributed to the active membership prior to the Annual Meeting for their consideration
  5. Voting Procedure
    • At the Annual Meeting, each eligible nominee will be invited to speak on their behalf of themselves to share information they deem pertinent to their candidacy. If nominees are unable to attend, they may identify a proxy to speak on their behalf.
    • After the nominee speeches, each active Associate and Legacy Lifetime member will be asked to cast one vote for each open seat.
    • Two members of the current Board will tally the votes and name the elected Board members.