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Box Office

Box Office Management

The SCT Operations Manager will handle administration and support of our ticketing platform VBO, including phone sales, exchanges, and so on. Patron Services Attendants (PSAs) will check patrons in as they arrive before each show and sell walk-in tickets as needed. For additional information on those responsibilities, see House Management

Special Seating Requests

Stage Coach Theatre no longer holds or reserves tickets without payment. All ticketing is handled through our online ticketing system. The good news is that patrons can now choose specific seats when buying tickets. So if your cast and crew have family and friends who want to sit together, they are encouraged to coordinate and buy seats close to one another. Buy tickets online as early as possible to have the most seating options!

Complimentary Tickets

Directors are given four (4) comp tickets to use as they see fit. To utilize these tickets, please provide the Operations Manager with the attendee name(s), date of the show, and seating preferences. Upon arrival, your guests can check in with the PSA. At this time, cast and crew are not provided with comp tickets.

Checking in Patrons with the VBO App

There will be a tablet in the Box Office area, hopefully plugged in and charging. Assuming it is charged, unplug it and make sure it is turned on. The power button is on the right side of the tablet.

The Mobile Event Manager app should be on the main home screen:

Tap on the three-line menu in the upper left hand corner:

Tap on the Events menu item:

Tap on the show you want to check patrons in for. Notice the green rectangle that appears to the left of the selected show

Go back to the three-line menu and tap on “Lookup”

You will see a list of patrons with tickets. You can search for their name in the search box, or scroll to locate them. If the patron included a last name, it will appear first. Note that multiple tickets may appear under the same patron name.

When you locate the patron, tap the person icon next to their name to check them in. If the whole party has not yet arrived, only check in as many people as are present. Notice the number of checked in patrons updates as you check people in.

Ask the patron if they know where they are sitting. If they don’t, write down their seat numbers on a slip of paper and give it to the patron.

A few items to note:

  • Make sure you have the correct show selected, otherwise you won’t see the correct list of patrons
  • If a patron insists that they have a ticket, but they are not on the list, ask to see an email confirmation and confirm their name/dates of tickets.
    • If they do not have a confirmation, or if for some reason their confirmation shows that they should have tickets but are not on the list, please take down their contact information and allow them to sit in any unpurchased seat(s). If we are sold out, then wait until 5 minutes before curtain and allow them to sit in any unclaimed seat.
  • If you accidentally check the wrong person in, it’s fine. Just keep track of who the accidental check in was for so you can find them if/when they actually arrive.