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House Management

House Manager

SCT does not currently have a House Manager or Ushers. Instead, the Patron Services Attendants (PSAs) checking patrons in at the door and the Bartenders will share the responsibilities previously fulfilled by ushers.

Patron Services Attendants (PSA) Responsibilities

  • PSAs should arrive 90 minutes before show time – if they have not arrived, please contact an executive committee member
  • Check auditorium & pick up any items that shouldn’t be there (i.e. programs, cups)
  • Check bathrooms and make sure there are enough toilet paper and hand towels.
  • Check in patrons, sell tickets, manage waitlists, and assist patrons with locating their seats

Stage Manager Responsibilities

Regarding House Duties

  • Stage Manager should check in with PSAs regularly to determine number of patrons that have not yet checked in.
  • Stage Managers should open house doors, generally 30 minutes before curtain.
  • If a large number (10+ people) have not yet checked in and/or there is a long line at the bar at 5 minutes prior to curtain, it is recommended to hold for a few minutes.
  • Stage Manager can flash the lobby lights at 2 minutes prior to places pre-show and at intermission to get patrons in their seats
  • If the Stage Manager or Director hears or has any complaints about PSAs, please contact the Executive Committee.