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  • The sooner you have a rehearsal schedule, the better. Cast and Crew greatly appreciate being able to plan their lives for the weeks leading up to the run and having a schedule will help you stay on track.
  • Prepare a PRODUCTION INFORMATION SHEET for cast & crew to hand out after casting.
    • Cast/Crew contact list with names, email addresses and phone numbers.
    • Specific dates and times (start and finish) you plan to rehearse, scenes or pages to be rehearsed, location of the rehearsal(s), performance dates & times. Everything needs to be spelled out to avoid issues.
    • Please also forward this to the Executive Committee and Operations Manager for their records and reference
  • Facebook Group or Band App for coordination: Another helpful tool for cast/crew/show coordination is for you to create a show group and post updates for the show, rehearsals, etc.  This is generally a great way to facilitate communication and for the cast to get to know each other outside of rehearsals.  If you don’t “do” Facebook or Band, then encourage an assistant director or cast member to start one.

Rehearsal Schedules

It is up to you as director to set the rehearsal schedule. Typical non-musicals rehearse 6-8 weeks, and musicals rehearse 8-10 weeks before opening. The days of the week and hours are up to you to decide based on what you think the show/case will need to put on a quality performance. A typical schedule is Monday-Friday from 6:30-9:30pm.

Rehearsal Space

  • As with a lot of smaller theatres, we do have some struggles coordinating rehearsal spaces. We are currently working on securing more permanent rehearsal space(s) and will advise you as soon as more information is available.
  • Contact information for each director for the season will be made available to you. It is suggested that you keep an open line of communication with the directors of shows on either side of yours to coordinate sharing the space.
  • It can be challenging to rehearse two shows at once, please be respectful of each other’s use of the space
  • Facility Calendar – Work with the Operations Manager to add any of the dates you would like to use the Lobby or Stage/Auditorium on the shared calendar as soon as possible (include audition dates/time, rehearsals, performances).

SCT Lobby

  • While the show before yours is on stage, please feel free to use the lobby to rehearse.
  • It is customary to not use the lobby during the preceding show’s Hell/Tech week. Get in touch with the preceding director to discuss their preference on this subject.
  • During the run of the preceding show, you may generally use the lobby Monday thru Wednesday. If you have Thursday/Friday rehearsals, you will need to find an alternate space to rehearse.
  • If you have used the lobby for rehearsal space on a Wednesday of a “show week”, please remember to put all furniture back in its original location so the director/cast/crew/house staff doesn’t have to clean up behind you.
  • While rehearsing in the lobby, please restock any toilet paper, soap, or hand towels in the bathroom if needed.  All those items are kept at the very front of the theatre close where furniture storage is.  Emptying trash in the bathrooms is helpful as well.

SCT Stage/Auditorium

  • Once the show before yours closes on Saturday and after strike, the stage and auditorium are yours to rehearse at your discretion.
  • While rehearsing in the lobby, please restock any toilet paper, soap, or hand towels in the bathroom if needed. All those items are kept at the very front of the theatre close where furniture storage is. Emptying trash in the bathrooms is helpful as well.


  • If the lobby and auditorium are unavailable, we can use the Xanadu Community Center as a rehearsal space.  The address is: 5015 Bond Street, Boise.
  • Unfortunately, Xanadu has increased their rates to $10 an hour so please limit the use of this space wherever possible.
  • The 3 rooms Xanadu offers are:  Sunset Room (largish room with a few mirrors and some seating); Reflections Room (2 walls of mirrors and generally used for dance rehearsals); Conclave Room (largish room with multiple couches and furniture).
  • If you need to book Xanadu, please contact our Operations Manager for scheduling.