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Show Budgets

Budget Estimate

  • As soon as possible, start building a budget estimate for your show. When doing so, consider the following:
    • Set Construction
      • Lumber
      • Paint
      • Hardware
      • Specialized tools and/or materials
    • Props/Furniture/Set Dressing
    • Costumes (including dry cleaning!)
    • Consumables
      • On-Stage Food/Drink
      • Makeup
    • Specialized equipment
      • Lighting
      • Sound
      • Projection
    • Multimedia
      • Music
      • Sound Effects
      • Graphics/Backdrops
    • Special Effects
  • Consult with the appropriate department heads (such as Property Master, Technical Director, Stage Supervisor, etc) for assistance with determining what the theater already has access to and costs estimates for things that need to be purchased/rented/built.
  • Some of these items may be challenging to estimate but try and get within a ballpark figure.

Budget Details

  • Stage Coach provides a base budget of $500 per show. That isn’t a hard and fast limit but show budgets that exceed $500 will require board approval.
  • What’s not subject to the $500 budget? Lumber, paint, and anything currently owned by the theater (such as owned props, furniture, etc) are not applied to your $500 budget. However, please account for any items that will need to be purchased or rented in your show budget estimate so we can estimate our overall annual production budget (Theater-owned items do not need to be accounted for).
    • Additionally, show rights, scripts, and music tracks (for musicals) are not applied to your budget. Musical Directors will need to work with the Executive Committee to acquire appropriate music tracks.
  • If your budget estimate (less theater-paid items) is above $500, please put together an itemized list of expenditures and associated costs and provide to the President AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The Board of Directors will need this itemized list to determine what (if any) additional funds your show will receive.  If you do not receive all the money you have asked for then you will need to prioritize your budget items and make some hard decisions. Please contact the Executive Committee if your needed budget is not fully approved and will result in a negative impact on the quality of your show.


  • Show expenses are typically paid by the director out of pocket, then reimbursed up to the amount of the show budget. If that poses a financial hardship for you, please reach out to the Executive Committee to make other arrangements.
  • To be reimbursed, you will need to turn in all receipts and indicate what each is for (i.e props, paint, set, costumes, etc.). Receipt photos or digital receipts are acceptable. Send those receipts via email to the Operations Manager. You may choose to turn in all your receipts at one time or throughout the course of your show.