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Technical Design

This section is under construction

Technical Director

Dan Allers


  • Technical Specs
    • Lighting System Inventory (TBD)
    • To schedule a tutorial of the lighting system, contact the Technical Director
  • Lighting Design
  • For assistance with Lighting Design, please contact the Technical Director. He may be able/willing to design your lights or can help you source a designer.


  • Available equipment:
    • X32 Rack-mounted digital mixer
    • Mixer control surface
    • Mac Mini that can be used for mixing/cue running purposes
    • 5 Stage microphones
    • 12 Wireless body microphones
  • You are welcome to use your own laptop to run cues from if you so desire. There is an Aux cord there for that purpose.
  • For musicals, it is recommended to have a separate operator for mixing mic/sound levels and running sound cues. QLab can be used to run both light and sound cues seamlessly, reducing the need for a light board operator (Avenue Q had two people in the booth, one for microphones, and one running Qlab sound/video/light cues)
  • For a tutorial on the operation of the sound system, please contact Christian Grey