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At Stage Coach Theatre, we are always doing something: plays, parties, fundraisers, improv, classes and concerts.  Check out some of the great things we have to offer.

Current Season

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At the top of what we do is live theater.  Our season, which runs from August to July, consists of 8 shows.  Each show has a three week run and some have a four week run. There is usually a 3 to 4 week break in between each production to allow for the next production to rehearse on-stage and build their set. You can see what is in our current season here.


Shows can’t be performed without performers. To that end, we offer auditions that are open to the public.  Most directors don’t require a prepared piece and use cold readings at their auditions, however it varies director to director.  To find out more about those specific auditions, please see our Audition page.

Special Events

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Because we are fortunate enough to have our own facility, we are able offer other arts organizations the opportunity to borrow our stage.  We also offer fundraisers like our Annual Halloween Bash, semi-annual Casino Nights and very occasional concerts by local artists.  Check out the Events page for more information on upcoming events.


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We publish an online newsletter about the goings-on at the theater, the current production, behind the scenes action as well as anything else we thrown in there.


Occasionally, as time, motivation and availability permit, SCT offers classes on various theater skills: acting, make-up, auditioning, etc.  Check here to see when we will offer them again.