Karen Holcomb Interview

Stage Lines: Where were you born?
Karen Holcomb: I was born in Pomona, California which is about 35 miles east of Los Angeles.

SL: What made you move to Idaho?
KH: I was sick of LA which means I was sick of the traffic, millions of people crammed in on top of each other, and the insanely crazy “keep up with the Joneses” lifestyle. I was living in Pasadena and for years my sister-in-law had told me that Boise is a lot like Pasadena, but surrounded by nature instead of craziness. In 2005 I came up here for a visit and discovered that was indeed very true. The downtown area is very similar, with suburbs around that, but Boise is in the middle of nowhere instead of a gigantic megalopolis. Six weeks later, I quit my job, put my condo on the market and made the move up North.

SL: What do you do when you are not participating in live theater?
KH: I try and hit the gym a few times a week, take my dog Kodi for long walks, meet up with friends and just gab, read, watch movies, and my plan my next trip (there is always one in the works!). I am often found at local coffee houses and I love to listen to live music although I rarely do that for some reason.

SL: What got you interested in community theater?
KH: I was a late bloomer to theater. I was a sports junkie in high school and had no interest in acting. As I hit my late 20’s I made some friends who were in the theater and it looked like a blast. It took me years to get up the nerve to go to an acting workshop, but once I did I was asked to audition for a show and was given my first part. It was love at first role! There is something amazing about entertaining people and feeling their energy as they respond to the show.

Theater Questions

SL: What was the best role that you have ever played?
KH: My all time favorite role was playing Emily Suzanne in Where Your Treasure Is… A wealthy, true southern belle who was over the top bubbly fun and a true dumb blonde. She was hilarious, full of energy and made me laugh and cry every night I was on stage.

SL: What was the first role that you have ever played?
KH: I played Aunt Molly in True Believers.

SL: What show brought you to Stage Coach?
KH: Sarah Hull. It was 2 weeks out for the opening of Inspecting Carol and the role of the Operating Manager had not been cast. Sarah called me and said get here fast… so I did. Karl Johnson cast me and the rest is history.

SL: Besides acting, do you like to take part in any other aspects of theater? (ie. Stage managing, directing, costumes, etc)
KH: Yeppers. I like it all! It’s a very different perspective to be working tech and or being a stage hand. I have not tried stage managing or directing yet, but maybe some day.

SL: When you act, what type of genre would you rather perform in? And why?
KH: I prefer the comedies because I just love making people laugh and being part of the experience that makes them escape their reality for a little bit. I like the idea that someone may have had a crappy day, week, or whatever, but winds up at a show and totally forgets their life… at least for a few hours. Putting a smile on someone’s face is the best gift!

SL: What was the oddest role that you have played?
KH: Odd? Hmmm… Well, I was a McDonald’s trash bag in this very ahead-of-it’s-time environmental play in 4th grade. Of course, that’s all I even remember about the play is that I was a trash bag and it was about cleaning up the environment.

Random Stuff

SL: So I know that you have a dog, are you more a dog person or a cat person? And why?
KH: I’m a dog person all the way because they love you no matter what and they play well together. If they get mad they let the offending party know, and then they are over it. Cats, on the other hand, are too much like people… plus I’m allergic to them!

SL: If you couldn’t have a dog or even a cat, what type of pet would you have?
KH: If I couldn’t have a dog and since I would never own a cat for the above mentioned reasons, I guess I would want a chicken. At least I’d get fresh eggs every day and would have the greatest natural fertilizer for my Summer Veggie Garden!

SL: I know that you knit, what other hobbies do you have?
KH: I am quickly growing a fondness towards crocheting over knitting. I also love to cook, write and take photos.

SL: What is your guilty pleasure?
KH: Wine. I love it! But I don’t know if I actually feel guilty about it… oh, and not working. I absolutely love being a bum and just doing what I want to do every day. I’m taking full advantage of being out of work in this economy we find ourselves in.

SL: Now let’s turn the tables, if animals were our owners, and we were the pets, what type of animal would your owner be?
KH: I wouldn’t have one. I’d want to be free. Uh-oh… I guess this explains Kodi’s escapist issues, huh? Sigh… I guess I can’t blame the guy.